New Server, New Features, Mail update

May 22nd, 2016

Ok so the migration to the new server went fairly well all considering. There were some hiccups with some MX records causing some issues with email delivery but these were solved fairly quickly once alerted. i mention i would post a link to access webmail on the old server if you want to check there just in case for  missed email (likely there will be nothing there) but you can use this link to do so and just accept the security warning  This link will be taking down in 1 week (May 29th)

The New server has support for all sorts of new goodies including SSL certificates that don’t require a dedicate IP, mongodb, opcode caching like xcache, faster Raid 10 SSD (solid state drives) and much more (see my email newsletter)

thanks to everyone for bearing with me on the migration and helping to make it go as smooth as possible. almost 50GB of data were cleared up before the move making it go a lot faster. The understanding everyone showed when some things did work properly was extremely helpful and appreciated. This new server should prove to be more stable and much faster.

Also all hosting plans are getting an increase in the next few days as well!

as always, let me know if you have any problems.


Email Issue April 26th

April 26th, 2016

Apologies for the error this morning with regards to email. There was an issue that stemmed from a failed cpanel update (usually these run pretty smoothly as they happen every day) that caused an issue with you not being able to login to retrieve mail. Re-running the update solved the issue by about 9:10am EST this morning and during that update process (around 8:2-8:50)- some of you may have received undelivered email messages back that emails you tried to send did not get delivered. You will need to resend those emails.

also note that your email program may have been prompted to re-enter your password so if you are still having issues now, its possible that you typed an extra letter without realizing it in the password box, in which case you should re-type your password. If you cant remember it, it can always be reset by logging into the cpanel and click on email accounts then change password.

Also note for server issues and outages, messages will usually get posted to the ethicalhost twitter account so please follow me:

please let me know if you have any more issues.

December 3rd Issue

December 4th, 2015

On Dec 3rd approx 4:20pm EST  (note: Originally reported as 2:40 should have read 4:20PM EST) a problem was created by cpanel admins that caused database permissions to get reset on all users that had ALL permissions granted. Since this only affected some sites, an alert was not received about the issue until about 4:00pm. At which time my datacentre admins started to investigate the issue, while I manually went through each website to reset the database permissions. Unfortunately this took until about 12:30am Dec 4th  to complete so those of you at the start of the Alphabet only had an issue for a few hours, if you were near the end, the outage lasted a little longer.

My sincere apologies for this error and I am asking for a detailed report on the issue to figure out exactly what happened and will update this post with new findings.

as per my last issue, notices will be posted to twitter so please follow me

Thanks and Regards


News Update About Phishing and Domain scams

October 28th, 2015

I just wanted to make everyone aware of 3 scams going on and to always contact EthicalHost if you ever have any question on whether something you receive is real or not. Those of you with a .ca domain (privacy is automatic)  and/or have domain privacy enabled, you don’t need to worry as much about this.

1) The DROC and iDNS send out letters in the postal mail. See this PDF for what it looks like..

2) Phishing messages
Some new message have been going around suggesting your domain is suspended and to click a link. See this PDF  for what it looks like. NetEarthOne is the registrar that I use for most domains except .ca domains so that part is real, but everything else about the message is wrong including the weird font and we will NEVER send out a message like that. It will always have EthicalHost contact information attached to the message, but even if it does, please always contact me first if you are unsure.

3) Emails from china about trademark claims
from time to time you may receive emails stating that a trademark claim has been submitted and they are offering you the ability to secure your domains in various extensions first, these are bogus scam emails and they can safely be deleted as well.

also you can be pretty sure any email starting with Dear Sir/Madam is spam.

News updates Mar 18, 2015

March 18th, 2015

Please read below for notices of some new services and related fees:

1) New wordpress hacked site recovery fee
It takes a lot of time and resources to fully restore and recover from a site that has been exploited and since this usually can be avoided by simply making sure your software and plugins (like wordpress and joomla) are upgraded when new versions come out, we will now be implementing a fee as follows if you want our help recovering your site:

If you have paid for the backup/restore service: $50

if you have NOT paid for the backup/restore service: $100

things included in this fee (for wordpress or other easily updated applications, things like joomla and drupal would have extra costs since they are much harder to upgrade:

  • removing all current files from the web and restoring from a backup before the hack happened
  • restoring the database from a previous clean backup (if you want us too, some content may be lost by this process)
  • cleaning up any old/test/or backup files that are in the site
  • upgrading wordpress or any other easily upgraded programs to the latest version.
  • a wordpress admin login will be needed in order to upgrade and add plugins including:
    – a wordpress security plugin like ithemes security (this is my favourite one) or other top rated one
    – install the auto upgrade plugin which upgrades wordpress and all plugins automatically.
    – setup password protection on your wp-admin folder, and wp-login page for added security (this really should be done by everyone anyways!)
    – wpsmushit is a great image reduction tool that will also be added for you to help you save space on images.
  • Scanning your whole website for exploits and searching all files for signs of exploits

Now I do want to say the server does protect against a lot of hacking automatically with features like modsecurity, suhosin as well as the configserver exploit scanner which picks up a lot of bad files and quarantines them automatically, however some can still get through these protections.

2) New WordPress hardening service:
For only $35 we will install important security plugins, password protect your admin folder/login page, upgrade all plugins and set them to auto upgrade in the future. We will recommend and remove any old/temp or dev sites and files from your webspace. Also we will remove any unused plugins and themes as these can also pose a security risk.

EthicalHost Updates – Bash Bug and SSLv3 Security Issues

October 18th, 2014

As you have heard in the news and from my newsletter, last month a vulnerability in the bash script on linux systems created a potential for exploit and We updated all our servers as soon as the patch was released. Furthermore this week a new vulnerability was discovered in the SSLv3 protocol for SSL communications, this is a much harder vulnerability to exploit then the recent Bash and Heartbleed bugs and mostly lies with issues in the end users browsers, but systems have been patched here with necessary updates, as well all communications with SSLv3 have now been disabled. This should not affect anyone unless your using a really old version of Internet Explorer. If you do find any issues with other third party services communication with the server, please do contact support.


.COM Domain Name Promotion

December 17th, 2013

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Increased Package Limits

May 2nd, 2013

Ethical Host has increased the allowed Disk Space and Bandwidth allotment for its Gold and Silver Hosting plans.



FTPS Connections Will Soon Be Required

May 2nd, 2013

In an effort to provide a more secure hosting environment, Ethical Host will soon require all FTP connections to use FTP-SSL (FTPS). Please see this support article for details.

New WordPress Caching Vulnerability

April 25th, 2013

There is a new serious WordPress vulnerability in certain versions of two popular WordPress caching plugins, W3TC and WP Super Cache. The vulnerability allows remote PHP code to be executed locally on a server for anyone running either of the plugins. An attacker could then execute code on the infected server.
So it is VERY important that you make sure you update these plugins if you have them installed right away.