Donations to Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

At EthicalHost we believe in the importance of corporate social and environmental responsibility. One of the key ways we try to be a good corporate citizen is by donating 10% of our pre-tax profit back to the community.

We recognize there are many important organizations and causes that warrant donations but we have chosen to focus on the following three areas: economic/social justice in Canada, environment and biodiversity, and world poverty and human rights. We have limited it to three areas of focus to ensure that our 10% donation does not get divided too thinly. Each year we compile a list of three organizations in each category, based on our own knowledge of the important work they do, and from client recommendations.

Please see below for more information about our selection process. Corporate transparency is important to us at EthicalHost.

In addition to donating 10% of pre-tax profits, we further our commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility by telecommuting, using public transit, supporting local and cooperative businesses, minimizing paper use, and using 100% post-consumer products wherever possible.  We also offset our company’s energy usage with carbon offsets, as well as purchasing green power directly from bullfrog power for our office.

One year our donation went towards the micro finance organization Zidisha
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Current Vote

Due to covid related delays, we were unable to get out vote out this year. EthicalHost instead teamed up with Meridian Credit Union to double our donation to 2 organziations helping those affected by the virus. Please see the 2019 charities page for more details.

Past Results

Selection Process

Organizations that are chosen for each donation category are taken primarily from suggestions sent to us by our customers. When more than one customer recommends the same organization, more weight is given to that suggestion. We then compile a list of those organizations, review whether they fit into one categories of focus, and look for ones with lower administrative overhead costs to put on the list for voting. We also try to focus on smaller, lesser-known organizations to help them gain exposure. If an organization receives a small percentage of the cote year over year, we may remove it from the list and replace it with another organization.

Each year the winning organization is removed from the list and replaced with a new one for the following year’s vote.

We welcome suggestions for charities/non-profits that can be added in upcoming years but ask that they meet the following criteria:
–Have a charitable registration number.
–Have a website where they outline their mandate.
–Fit into one of our three categories: Economic/Social Justice in Canada, Environment and Biodiversity, World Poverty & Human Rights.

We will monitor and evaluate our corporate donation selection process, and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvement. We will continue to be transparent about the process and any changes we incorporate.