Web Design

We try to make things as easy as possible for our customers to get a web site put together. We have several options depending on your budget and knowledge of the internet.


1) Kopage drag and drop easy site builder. See our Kopage information page.

You don’t need to know anything about FTP, HTML, HTTP, or designing. If you can surf the Internet, you can build your own professional looking website. There are no downloads! This allows you to work on your site from home, school, or at work.

2) WordPress is a powerful platform and site builder that requires only a little knowledge about websites.

WordPress is included free (1-click-install) with all plans. If you need help installing it, please let us know and we can help install it free of charge.

3) Customized WordPress Web Design starting from $750:

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How it works?

  • If you don’t have the time to build a website yourself though an online template program or site builder but want a professional custom web site look, this is a good option.
  • Based on the Generate Press responsive and lightweight wordpress theme, we can create a site to look the way you want it.
  • We will take your logo, supplied text and images and incorporate them into the design and pages.
  • We will modify the layout to accommodate your unique page names.
  • Once approved by you, we will upload it and make sure it is working properly on the internet.

What’s included?

  • Most changes to the theme to reflect your headings, colour scheme and logo. Some changes may require an additional cost if they are extensive but we do our best to make the site your own. We will warn you about possible additional expenses before we begin.
  • Creation of up to 20 pages with your supplied content.
  • Input of your images into your pages including sizing and formatting and optimizing for optimal size/load time.
  • Basic SEO keyword and meta tag and alt text tag creation for your top 10 pages.
  • Installation of all necessary plugins for security, image optimization and any other site specific plugins like calendars or event plugins.
  • Installation of optimization plugins to make your site load as fast as possible.
  • Includes setup of security plugins and 1 year free of our WordPress update and security service (renews at $55/year) to keep your site updated and secure.

What’s not included?

  • Extensive keyword research, site optimization and search engine submissions. See our website promotion page for more details about these options.
  • The purchasing of stock images if you do not have your own. We do our best to find free images to include in your design, but sometimes no suitable images can be found.