Wherever possible we have listed a link to the website or email address of the client who has written the testimonial for your validation purposes. Unfortunately, a lot of webhosts post fake testimonials. Some of our clients have requested that we do not link to them, but all others have links attached when those sites are still active. We also have not listed email addresses publicly from the testimonials we received from email only accounts. You may also read and leave verified reviews at web hosting geeks or fill out our form at the bottom of this page.


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“Ethicalhost provides service and customer support that lets me relax. John has always been helpful, informative and patient … in fact, John’s advice has been educational. It was a good day when I found Ethicalhost and a better day when I started doing business with them. Plus he’s the only tech guy who’s laughed at my jokes!”

Shawn D. AB

“I would recommend EthicalHost to anyone looking for a web hosting provider. Not only does John provide exceptional customer service and great hosting plans – but he genuinely takes an interest in understanding his customers needs and will work tirelessly to help them. I have brought my site down several times due to my own tweaking and each time John came to the rescue to get my site back up and running even though I was the cause of my own issue. Great company, great plans, great customer service – I’d recommend to anyone.”

Matthew M. ON

“In short, the knowledge and support docs you have and just how everything flows in the background is wonderful. Made it far simpler than I thought it would be. You see, I got a WordPress for Dummies book, and in a sleep deprived state late one night I had trouble connecting to your server. So I left it. I also thought I had to FTP wordpress files for set up, even though that didn’t make sense in my gut….. I am a devout Dummies fan, but this book confused me, but only because it is written when there is no support. Very different in this case.

When I sat down, threw the book away, and just went through the steps on your website, it was FAR easier to get up and running. Even connecting to the server, I had a couple of missteps on my part, but I had enough things to try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

So just wanted you to know that this was an awesome experience, especially because I have no background in website design and hosting.”

Marlene G. ON

“I’m a small business owner. Not having a strong technical background, I was looking for a good company to partner up with to do my hosting. I have found Ethical Host to be very responsive and very helpful. Their customer service has been excellent. That, along with the fact that they are powered ethically makes Ethical Host the best choice. I highly recommend them.”

Dave E. ON

“Can I just say that you are an endless help and aside from the fact your business is totally inline with ours, that you continually go above and beyond what we expected on a ‘support’ level.”

Nathan, QC

“I just love it that we’re doing business with a socially-responsible straight-shooter like yourself. Kudos. Thanks. Keep it up.”

Donald C, NS

“John, you amaze me. Not because of your technical knowledge, but because you care. There are very few businesses that provide this kind of support and they are always a treasure when you find them. Thanks so much for your help, and for providing a place for my site that shares my values.”

Julie B, ON

“I want to thank you for running a business on such a firmly grounded ethical foundation. Well done, and thank you for letting me be part of this.” (in reference to our charity vote)

Mat D, ON

“No questions. Just wanted to say you have the best customer service ever. It is a pleasure to do business with you.”

Craig, Rossland, BC

“Many thanks – it is working now. This kind of service is why I use your company!”

Marty, Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Art Therapy

“that’s perfect i got it figured out. thank you for your quick reply! I am NOT computer savvy by any means and so far i’ve been able to launch my website by myself, you guys have a great product. thanks again!”

Sonya, Whitby, ON
Confetti Photography

“Thank you for this wonderful message, and the kind donation. Thank you most of all for your excellent service, and living up to your company’s name. I appreciate your commitment to your values. You are the best find I’ve had with Google.”

Stacey, San Francisco, CA
(email-only account)

“I was excited to find Ethical Hosting to host my site on wind power. Needing work on my site, John has been invaluable. He is honest, efficient and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Ethical Hosting.”

Lisa, Ashville,  NC
Pumpkin Doodle

“I just wanted to write a note to Ethical Hosting in thanks for everything. I really enjoy having my hosting with Ethical Hosting, this is the best place I have every dealt with. With so many options to add to the website and for different features in the Softaculous section. John at Ethical Hosting is a huge help and always ready to respond to any issues within a brief amount of time. It is fantastic to know you are dealing with John directly. The service is excellent.”

Sonja, Toronto, ON

“Thank you very much for your great customer service and personal touch. It made this transfer much easier than the last transfer I did.”

Tom K., Toronto, ON

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks! I am now all set up and so far, so good. Things work as expected and I have not run into any strange problems. This is good news, and I thank you for making things work so smoothly.”

Eugene, Toronto, ON

“Thanks so much for your help, John. Your level of service is impeccable!! Very happy I decided to host with your company. Thanks again.”

Ashley H., Toronto, ON

“Ethical Hosting provided me with an affordable website that is easy to navigate, looks wonderful and was completed in a timely fashion. The service was professional and I was provided with appropriate advice and guidance along the way. I was also given some great marketing tips to enhance the function of my website. I am also pleased to do business with an “ethical” company that gives back to the community. I would recommend Ethical Hosting to anyone!”

Jennifer Brubacher, Vancouver, BC
(website offline now)

“Ethical Hosting was a great resource for me when I was starting my consulting company. They were patient, professional and demystified the technical world of web design – I recommend them to my peers and clients all the time.”

Alex Gill, Toronto, ON
Mendicant Group Consulting

“Thanks to Ethical Hosting, I now have the best web site I’ve seen of anyone in my profession. Throughout the process, John has been, and continues to be patient, encouraging and understanding the role the site plays in the marketing of my new business.”

John B., Toronto, ON
John Becker Mediation

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