News updates Mar 18, 2015

Please read below for notices of some new services and related fees:

1) New wordpress hacked site recovery fee
It takes a lot of time and resources to fully restore and recover from a site that has been exploited and since this usually can be avoided by simply making sure your software and plugins (like wordpress and joomla) are upgraded when new versions come out, we will now be implementing a fee as follows if you want our help recovering your site:

If you have paid for the backup/restore service: $50

if you have NOT paid for the backup/restore service: $100

things included in this fee (for wordpress or other easily updated applications, things like joomla and drupal would have extra costs since they are much harder to upgrade:

  • removing all current files from the web and restoring from a backup before the hack happened
  • restoring the database from a previous clean backup (if you want us too, some content may be lost by this process)
  • cleaning up any old/test/or backup files that are in the site
  • upgrading wordpress or any other easily upgraded programs to the latest version.
  • a wordpress admin login will be needed in order to upgrade and add plugins including:
    – a wordpress security plugin like ithemes security (this is my favourite one) or other top rated one
    – install the auto upgrade plugin which upgrades wordpress and all plugins automatically.
    – setup password protection on your wp-admin folder, and wp-login page for added security (this really should be done by everyone anyways!)
    – wpsmushit is a great image reduction tool that will also be added for you to help you save space on images.
  • Scanning your whole website for exploits and searching all files for signs of exploits

Now I do want to say the server does protect against a lot of hacking automatically with features like modsecurity, suhosin as well as the configserver exploit scanner which picks up a lot of bad files and quarantines them automatically, however some can still get through these protections.

2) New WordPress hardening service:
For only $35 we will install important security plugins, password protect your admin folder/login page, upgrade all plugins and set them to auto upgrade in the future. We will recommend and remove any old/temp or dev sites and files from your webspace. Also we will remove any unused plugins and themes as these can also pose a security risk.