New Server, New Features, Mail update

Ok so the migration to the new server went fairly well all considering. There were some hiccups with some MX records causing some issues with email delivery but these were solved fairly quickly once alerted.

The New server has support for all sorts of new goodies including SSL certificates that don’t require a dedicate IP, mongodb, opcode caching like xcache, faster Raid 10 SSD (solid state drives) and much more (see my email newsletter)

thanks to everyone for bearing with me on the migration and helping to make it go as smooth as possible. almost 50GB of data were cleared up before the move making it go a lot faster. The understanding everyone showed when some things did not work properly was extremely helpful and appreciated. This new server should prove to be more stable and much faster.

Also all hosting plans are getting an increase in the next few days as well!

as always, let me know if you have any problems.