EthicalHost 2019 Charity Donations Update

Thanks so much to everyone’s continued support. I hope you are all staying safe and surviving this pandemic as best as you can!

This update is in reference to Ethical Host’s annual donation of 10% of pre-tax profits (for the 2019 tax year) to community organizations.  We normally send out a survey during the summer for customers to vote on their preferred organizations to support.  However, due to the circumstances this year there was not enough time to get the vote setup.

Meridian Credit Union emailed a month ago offering to match donations to 2 organizations focused on helping people impacted by the pandemic. This means EthicalHost’s donation will be DOUBLED this year!  Given the unusual year and this opportunity, we decided to direct EthicalHost’s donation to the Meridian matching program to ensure more of an impact.  We will return to our normal voting process next year and appreciate everyone’s understanding this year.

More information about the two organizations can be found below and on our website:

This organization ensures that healthy meals, groceries, personal care, supplies, and social support reach isolated and vulnerable seniors during the pandemic. It also provides personal protection equipment for volunteers and health care workers.  As the COVID-19 emergency continues they are also focusing on keeping vulnerable seniors connected to their support and loved ones, and helping them access needed health care and supplies.

This organization provides meals to children from disadvantaged and low-income families. Volunteers prepare and deliver packages of healthy foods to schools and directly to children’s homes on weekends.

  • $500 feeds a child for an entire school year
  • $50 feeds a child for a week
  • $12.50 feeds a child for a day