December 3rd Issue

On Dec 3rd approx 4:20pm EST  (note: Originally reported as 2:40 should have read 4:20PM EST) a problem was created by cpanel admins that caused database permissions to get reset on all users that had ALL permissions granted. Since this only affected some sites, an alert was not received about the issue until about 4:00pm. At which time my datacentre admins started to investigate the issue, while I manually went through each website to reset the database permissions. Unfortunately this took until about 12:30am Dec 4th  to complete so those of you at the start of the Alphabet only had an issue for a few hours, if you were near the end, the outage lasted a little longer.

My sincere apologies for this error and I am asking for a detailed report on the issue to figure out exactly what happened and will update this post with new findings.

as per my last issue, notices will be posted to twitter so please follow me

Thanks and Regards