Email Issue April 26th, 2016

Apologies for the error this morning with regards to email. There was an issue that stemmed from a failed cpanel update (usually these run pretty smoothly as they happen every day) that caused an issue with you not being able to login to retrieve mail. Re-running the update solved the issue by about 9:10am EST this morning and during that update process (around 8:2-8:50)- some of you may have received undelivered email messages back that emails you tried to send did not get delivered. You will need to resend those emails.

also note that your email program may have been prompted to re-enter your password so if you are still having issues now, its possible that you typed an extra letter without realizing it in the password box, in which case you should re-type your password. If you cant remember it, it can always be reset by logging into the cpanel and click on email accounts then change password.

Also note for server issues and outages, messages will usually get posted to the ethicalhost twitter account so please follow me:

please let me know if you have any more issues.