News Update About Phishing and Domain scams

I just wanted to make everyone aware of 3 scams going on and to always contact EthicalHost if you ever have any question on whether something you receive is real or not. Those of you with a .ca domain (privacy is automatic)  and/or have domain privacy enabled, you don’t need to worry as much about this.

1) The DROC and iDNS send out letters in the postal mail. See this PDF for what it looks like..

2) Phishing messages
Some new message have been going around suggesting your domain is suspended and to click a link. See this PDF  for what it looks like. NetEarthOne is the registrar that I use for most domains except .ca domains so that part is real, but everything else about the message is wrong including the weird font and we will NEVER send out a message like that. It will always have EthicalHost contact information attached to the message, but even if it does, please always contact me first if you are unsure.

3) Emails from china about trademark claims
from time to time you may receive emails stating that a trademark claim has been submitted and they are offering you the ability to secure your domains in various extensions first, these are bogus scam emails and they can safely be deleted as well.

also you can be pretty sure any email starting with Dear Sir/Madam is spam.

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