EthicalHost Adds R1Soft CDP Backup Solution

This is very exciting. Backups are very important no matter what you are doing and while you should as a webmaster never rely on your hosts backups, we have implemented a system that should at least take a little worry away.

The new backup server automatically grabs an incremental update every 3 hours and also archives your databases (in full).  These backup files can be accessed without any need to contact us for help and are available from within the cpanel control panel and downloaded OR restored back to your root folder as a zip archive.

Some hosts charge up to $6/mo for this or similar services and although we wanted to make the service free, the cost of the backup software and the server require that we charge something for this service. However instead of adding one more monthly fee onto everyone’s plate, this service will be available for a ONE TIME setup fee of $25.

please visit: (you will need to login to your billing management area before you can order the service)

With the addition of this new service, any restore request will now be billed at a rate of $40 per incident to reflect the time it takes to complete such a request.

you can demo this service until Feb 1st, free of charge just look for the r1soft backup/restore icon in your cpanel control panel and check it out. If you don’t subscribe to the service, this icon will be removed on Feb 1st.

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