Wordpress Security Options

Wordpress Update & Security Monitoring - Recurring

New service! Weekly wordpress upgrades, updates & security monitoring.

This service will ensure that all critical updates to your security software, website software and plugins are carried out in a timely fashion, and that everything works after the updates. Similar services charge anywhere from $20-$100 per month for this, I’ve trimmed it down to the essentials for only $55 per year or a one time charge (lifetime) of $220. If you have multiple wordpress blogs, a 25% discount will be extended to all subsequent sites.

Features Included
- An initial security audit and scan,
- Installation of a security plugin and modifications will be made including making your admin login location more secure.
- Installation of the paid plugin Cleantalk security (a $10 value)
- Weekly monitoring of your plugins and upgrading of those plugins if needed
- Upgrading wordpress when needed
- If updates cause wordpress or plugins to break or fail, this will be fixed free of charge right away.
- Customized Theme updates will NOT be done as part of this service since these are more likely to break your site and there are too many variables involved (a custom quote could be arranged though for adding this on or for converting your theme to a child theme.)

Wordpress Update & Security Monitoring - Lifetime

Same as the annual service except you only pay once forever!