How To setup Email In Apple Mail

1) click on the Apple Icon Menu on the top left of your screen and select System Preferences.

2) Select the Internet Accounts link

3) Scroll down and select the Add Other Account... option.

4) Select to add a Mail account

5) A popup will appear asking you to fill in your name and the Email address that you want to register with Mac Mail.
Note, that people you send emails to will receive them from the name you enter here and it can be changed later.
Now click Sign in to proceed.

6) Fill in the server settings for your Email account:

    Email Address: - should be pre-filled with the value you've entered in the previous screen;
    Username: - enter your full email address as username. It will be used both for the incoming and outgoing settings;
    Password: - enter the password for your email account;
    Account Type: - You can choose POP or IMAP but IMAP is the default. If you just check mail from one source, you can choose POP otherwise imap should be the choice keeping in mind that you should manage your email from time to time so the email box does not use up all your space on the server;
    Incoming Mail Server: mail.replaceyourdomainhere (SSL port for imap should be 993 and for pop should be 995)
    Outgoing Mail Server: mail.replaceyourdomainhere

7) Now click Sign In

8) click MAIL as the account you want to use with it if prompted then done.

9) you will now need to go back into mac mail and configure the SMTP server correctly

A) Click on the Mail menu then select Preferences.

B) Select the Accounts tab then select the email account to update.

C) At the bottom where it says Outgoing Mail Server SMTP click the drop down then choose Edit smtp server list.

D) Click on your outgoing mail server

E) Click Advanced and then Click on 'Authentication' and select 'PASSWORD'
now enter your FULL email address and password here
Use SSL should be checked
Use default ports should be fine but if you have trouble you can choose custom port and enter 587

F) Click OK
G) Click on any other setting when back in the account window and it if prompts you to save settings then do so.
H) close the accounts window, close mac mail and then open it up again.

you should be all set.

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