How to Check my Email using Gmail?

Please see the following video instruction on how to setup your email so you can check it from within Gmail.

Video How-To

Instructions if you cant view the above video.

1) login to gmail.
2) click on the GEAR icon in the top right and choose SEE ALL SETTINGS
3) click Accounts and Import
4) click "Add a mail account" in the check mail from other accounts section. (note this was recently changed and is not reflected in the video but its in the same location.)
5) enter your email address on the first step
6) on the next step fill in the username to be your FULL email address, google does not do this correctly by default and then enter your email password.
7) enter the pop server as
8) make sure "always use a secure connection" has a CHECK mark, and change the port to 995
9) now click add account, and you are done.

now under the "send mail as" section of the accounts and import area that you should be looking at now, do this
1) click add email address you own
2) enter your email address
3) UNCHECK the option that says treat as an alias and click next step
4) change the outgoing server from what google pre-fills in for you to
5) enter your full email address as the username
6) enter your email password
7) make sure secure connection using TLS is selected (and the port should read 587)
8) then click add account.

your done!

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