Spam filter and checking for lost emails


Ok so it can happen someone has sent you a message and you didn't get it. It may have been caught by the spam filter so lets check that first.

SpamAssassin is now the current spam filter however it may be appended with a program called Mailscanner in the future to allow for more control.

- to make messages that are marked as spam go into the SPAM folder, login to cPanel, click on Apache Spamassassin and then click enable spambox.
- in this same area you can click on configure apache spamassassin link and set whitelist emails, blacklist emails and a custom SCORE #. (the higher the number, means the filter is not as strict so more spam will likely get through)

if you are missing mail:

login to the webmail at with your email address and email password and look in the SPAM or JUNK box (roundcube seems to label the spam folder as Junk for most users). If the message is there is was caught by accident and will be marked as *** SPAM ***. (if your using IMAP, the spam folder should show up in your email program you are using, if it does not, you may need to login to the webmail and subscribe to the folder in order to see it, the easiest program to edit folder subscriptions is Roundcube, Horde seems to have removed this functionality now. This is done by logging into webmail, choose Roundcube, click Settings, click folders, then check off the spam folder).

You can read the /spam IMAP folder (faster way) using any IMAP powered email client. If you find any good emails in your /spam please move them to your inbox (likewise if you find spam in your inbox please move it to the spam folder)

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