How to Change My Email to Use SSL Connections?

Most mobile smartphones should already have setup your accounts using SSL connections but you can always double check that too.

For the Iphone/Ipad tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, tap the name of your account, and then your email address. Then tap any information you want to check or adjust.

here are the settings you need to know:

POP (incoming) server:
- Use SSL/TLS should be checked
Port 995 (for POP) or port 993 (for IMAP) should be set (most mail programs will change this automatically from port 110 to port 995/993)

SMTP (outgoing) server: (only if you are using my server for your outgoing mail)
use SSL or SSL/TLS should be checked
Port 465 (or 587 for TLS) should be set if your mail program does not change it automatically from port 26 (or port 25 if you haven't already been using email).

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