Setting Up Google Apps to Handle your Email

You can host your email using google Apps by making a change to the MX entries in Cpanel. Please follow the steps below:

Please Note:  Do not modify the MX record if you are unsure how to change it. You may submit a ticket and we can assist you.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel account.
Step 2: Click MX ENTRY.
Step 3: Select a domain from the Drop Down box
Step 4: Tick off Remote Mail Exchanger then click CHANGE.
Step 5: Under MX records, delete the Default entry that was setup there


it should look like: 0  |  |  edit | delete


so click delete then click delete again on the confirmation pop out.


Step 6: Add each of the below MX records one by one given each a sequentially higher priority (e.g., 0, 10, 20, 30) Please note google may change these frmo time to time so set the ones that they give you instead if different!




Note: Please be aware that there will be a dot(.) after the entry.

Please note that it can take Google apps up to 24 hours to see these settings and to work correctly.

Step 7: add to your SPF include record under the email authentication section of the cpanel.

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