1)      Domain name verification emails (does not apply to .ca)
ICANN has required registrars to start sending emails to verify that the email account associated with your domain name is active and working. If you do not respond to this email (example attached) OR if your email address is out of date with your domain registration, the domain will get suspended until the contact info is confirmed. Its not a policy I agree with but its now the rule (my registrar held off implementing it as long as possible) you can learn more here on when this email would get sent out:


What do you need to do?

a)      Make sure your domain contact information is up to date by following these instructions:

please note that updating your Billing contact details does NOT update your domain contact details, this MUST be done separately. This is because many people have different domains with different contact details, so to update it automatically would cause problems for a lot of people.

b)      If you get the domain verification email, you must follow the instructions in it to verify it. Please see attached a copy of what the message will look like. If you have any questions or concerns, or think an email you get might not be legit, you can always forward it to me before doing anything and I will tell you if its real or bogus.


2)      Spam Filter and Missing Emails

Late last week there was an issue with 2 of the blacklists (rbl’s) that the spam filter uses which caused some good emails to get scored as spam incorrectly. I have gone through a fair number of the emails that were caught, but impossible to go through them all. So if you think you are missing some emails (and your email is a proper email account and not just a forward)  I urge you to check your spambox for those messages. I apologise for the error and have removed those rbls from ones that the system checks. Due to the issue some of the thresholds for spam scoring were lowered to make sure the issue was solved so you may get a little bit more spam right now until its set back.


3)      Wordpress security updates
if you use wordpress for your site, and you have not update it in a long time, you have a potential security risk on your hands and you should upgrade it asap. There have been many security patches over the last 2 months. Many of you are still running versions less than 4.2.2 and I highly suggest you upgrade it. If you are not sure how, let me know and I can do it for you free (if your theme or site runs into trouble after the upgrade though I would have to bill for the time needed to get it solved).


4)      Choosing your php version and setting php settings
a reminder that you can choose your php version and necessary modules and settings. See this help article on how to.

Monday, June 1, 2015

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