Do you have a CDN network I can use?

YES! Ethicalhost has integrated Cloudflare into the cpanel and this allows you to easily enable the CDN (Content Delivery Network) on your WWW domain. Due to the way the free version works, you can only enable it on a CNAME record which means you can not enable it on the root of your domain (e.g. you must enable it on the WWW versions only.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT enable cloudflare if your site uses SSL. The basic free version does not support this. If you are interested in that, you would need to signup for the PRO account which does support SSL.

1) login to cpanel
2) look for the Cloudflare Icon
3) click it then enter your email address and check off I agree to the terms and conditions
4) there will be a prompt that says click here to create a password, you do NOT need to do that for this free basic version. simply click the link that says click here to continue or wait for the page to refresh.
5) now click on the cloud next to your WWW Cname record. If your WWW does not show up as a CNAME record, you need to change it to a CNAME record. see this next VIDEO HOW-TO to learn how.

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