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Green Web Hosting that is 100% Wind & Renewable Energy Powered

wind turbineOur customers have the added peace of mind that their web sites are powered by 100% renewable energy provided through BullFrog Power and ClimateCare. All of our hosting plans include this at no extra cost to you!

EthicalHost offsets its energy usage and Carbon footprint in several ways:

1) We purchase about 8,000 kilowatt hours yearly of green energy for our office directly from Bullfrog Power, a supplier of clean energy in Ontario and Alberta.  This amounts to the prevention of 3,918 kg of CO2, Nitric oxide and Sulphur dioxide emissions.

2) For 2014, Ethical Host is now working with Climate and Development experts ClimateCare who are supporting projects that cut global carbon emissions and works to improve people’s lives at the same time.

We have purchased 35,000 Kg of CO2 energy offsets from to offset the energy used by our web server, routers, air conditioning and other power uses related to the data centre infrastructure.

Here are two examples of their current projects:

Providing Safe Water in Kenya
The award winning Carbon for Water project provides safe drinking water to 4.5 million people and cuts carbon emissions. How? Watch this short video to find out.

Improving health in Ghana
Indoor air pollution from cooking on open fires kills more people every year than Malaria. This project provides clean cookstoves which significantly improve health while cutting emissions and reducing deforestation.

Read more about the projects here.

View our 2018-2019 certificate

3) We use tele-commuting to reduce travel related emissions, and use transit to get to meetings, the bank and other business related destinations. Our office uses custom built energy efficient computers that use both 80+ certified power supplies and RoHS compliant components. Our heating and hot water system is a high efficiency combined gas furnace and on-demand water heater.

4) We use 100% post consumer paper and printing products wherever possible.  When this is not possible we source out the highest post-consumer fiber products available. We also minimize our paper use by doing as much paperless accounting as possible, and re-using paper whenever possible.

5) Our commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility drives us to look for ways to minimize any negative impact our web hosting business has on the planet.

6) Cooling and the Data Centre: The Data Centre is located in Lansing Michigan, a cooler climate resulting in lower cooling needs than if it were located further south.
- Multiple Liebert 20, 22, 30 and 45 Ton upflow and downflow AC Units
- Stand alone HVAC systems that don't allow for large scale failure
- Designed For Addition of Air-Side Economization

7) PUE (Power Usage Efficiency):
The datacentre we currently have our servers in has a PUE of 1.89. We recognize this is not a great rating which is why we work to offset our usage in other ways. The reason we use this datacenter is because it is one of the best in North America in terms of Admin monitoring, support, maintenance, uptime, reliability and quality, but they do have a bit more work to go in terms of PUE energy ratings.

Also of note, sometime in the fourth quarter of 2015 we will be moving to a new section of the datacentre which will have a raised floor and 150kw Liebert DSE DA150 N+1 hvac system along with the Eaton UPS systems which are already extremely efficient systems.

How do we do it?

For our office, we now source our green power directly from Bullfrog Power. For our server and datacenter related equipment, we audited our energy usage, and were able to calculate the electricity usage of the computer, router A/C and other related equipment. We then  purchase the necessary amount of CO2 Carbon offsets from a Gold Standard offset provider ClimateCare.

How does it work?

By purchasing the offsets, we have offset the amount of greenhouse gases produced by our electricity use by purchasing wind and renewable power elsewhere on the grid in Canada through Bullfrog Power. This helps to further increase the amount of renewable energy coming online and to reduce the dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

         Bullfrog Power

ClimateCare is an independent ‘profit for purpose’ organisation committed to tackling climate change, poverty and development issues. Our unique climate and development model funds ground-breaking projects spanning renewable energy, water purification and clean cookstove technology, cutting emissions and transforming millions of lives worldwide. We enable organisations to adopt a smart approach to addressing their environmental impacts by offsetting their carbon emissions and supporting sustainable development.

Does your host use green energy?

If your business is environmentally minded or wanting to do more to reduce your impact, then you might want to consider hosting with Ethical Host, a green hosting solution. Once you are hosted with us, you can advertise this fact to your customers to help improve your environmental commitments. You can use any of the banners/logos found here to put on your web site. Consumers are starting to become more aware of our increasing energy demand and the impact that has on the environment.

You might also want to consider extending this to other areas of your business including your offices. There are many accredited providers of green energy and your local utility may even have an option to purchase green energy certificates or the energy directly. The cost to you is simply the value over normal electricity rates.

The faster we all start to support and adopt renewable energy, the faster we will become less reliant on polluting fossil fuels by creating more demand for wind and solar power projects.

Hosting with Ethical Host my be your first step it might be your last step in greening your operation but either way we can help consult with you on green options for your business and we would certain love to work together with you. See our Green Web Hosting plans here.


The power supplied from Bullfrog Power is EcoLogo Certified


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