R1Soft Backup/Restore How To

The R1Soft Backup/Restore feature is available to all users that select it as a one time fee during the order process.

To restore files using the R1Soft Backup/Restore feature, you must first login to your control panel here https://cpanel.ethicalhost.ca/

Next look or search for the R1Soft Restore Backups Icon.

Now you will be redirected to the backup server and you must login with your same Cpanel login username and password.

Once logged in you will see a number of restore points. There are several ways to grab the backup file

1) To Download the entire backup click on the second icon that looks like a floppy Disk and follow the prompts. This will download the entire Cpanel backup file to your computer.

2) to restore the zip file to your Cpanel root directory, click on the 3 rd icon that looks like 2 computers with a green arrow going between them and follow the prompts

3) To restore a zip file of individual files, click on the first icon that looks like a folder icon and navigate the file structure to locate the files you need to restore and select them (note that you can only select files or folders from within the same folder at any one time) If you try to select files from different folders, you will need to do that in several steps)

now click the Download Selected to download the zip file to your computer (I recommend selecting ZIP instead of Tar if downloading to your computer)

Or click the Send to Agent link to send the zip file to your cpanel root directory.

If you have send the zip file to the Cpanel root directory, you can unzip the file using the Cpanel File Manager (found in the Cpanel) by locating the file in the root directory, selecting it and click the UNCOMPRESS icon at the top.

IMPORTANT: when uncompressing the files, be sure you are aware of what folder they are being restored into. If you restore them into a temporary folder and then move the files to their respective locations, this method will have a lot less room for errors or mistakes.

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