How to Redirect Mobile Traffic to Your goMobi Website?

In order to tell your website to redirect to your goMobi mobile website, you need to set the code in the .htaccess file (best method) so here are the steps
  1. Log into your you goMobi account here:

  2. Once you finish editing and creating your site, Underneath the phone example of your mobile website on the right hand side, click the Finish button.
  3. This will take you to a page with a drop down option that says Choose Language or CMS Platform, if your not using drupal or wordpress, select the htaccess option then click GENERATE.
  4. The generator will provide you with instructions on how to implement the code provided. My suggestion is to copy and paste the code it gives you into your existing .htaccess file if you have any redirects, or other modifications already setup.
  5. To paste the code into your existing .htaccess file, login to the cPanel (
  6. goto FILE MANAGER
  7. select web root from the pop up menu and check off show hidden files
  8. click go
  9. now select the .htaccess file and click the edit icon, then click edit again from the pop up that shows up.
  10. here you can paste the new code into your .htaccess file. If you already have the code,
    # Ensure rewriting is on
    RewriteEngine On
you can remove it from the code you pasted but be sure to paste the code at the bottom of the file.

If this is all too much, just contact us and we can do it for you!

your done!
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